“The QUEUE” ha sido expuesta en CIVIVOX Iturrama in Pamplona del 13 de Marzo al 12 de Abril 2013. The Queue Está compuesta de una colección de personajes dibujados en grafito sobre tabla, cada dibujo es único y representa un personaje en postura de espera. La serie consta de 120 imágenes alineadas en una fila.
“The QUEUE” is being exhibited in CIVIVOX Iturrama in Pamplona from 13th of March to the 12th of April 2013. The Queue is composed of a collection of reduced size drawings made of graphite on a whitened wood board. Each of these drawing shows a different character or a group sometimes, and are clustered in frameworks with a number between 4 and 6 images per frame. The exhibition consist of around 120 images strictly lined in a frozen queue. Different ethnics, aged and social conditions groups are represented; all them sharing the belonging of this meditation scene.
1. The Queue
3. The Queue
4. The Queue
5. The Queue
6. The Queue
7. The Queue
8. The Queue
9. The Queue
10. The Queue
11. The Queue
12. The Queue
13. The Queue
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15. The Queue
16. The Queue
17. The Queue
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